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Supply approached Doris to design a premium electric shaver, a powered trimmer for a brand known for their luxury analogue shavers and blades. Taking into account Supply's history of craftsmanship and quality we set out to design an iconic and hyper-functional electric Trimmer.

Inspired by Supply's story and the ritual of shaving itself, we drew from a few key typologies; shavers as a tool and the act of sculpting. The trimmer is inspired by stone chisels, used to form rock and other hard matter. The multifaceted chisel is a beautiful tool that begs to be used with precision, it's instantly recognizable and tactile. Importantly, it's also an incredibly ergonomic shape that feels great in the hand in a variety of angles and positions. The facets add a tactile form-factor to the trimmer and they allow it to rest on the device's side when not in use.

Adjustable trimmer head features an rotating adjustable dial to find the perfect length. The dial is multifaceted in reference to the device's chisel inspired design.

The industrial design process was iterative - working to find the ideal form and feel for the trimmer. We poured over a host of other trimmers to learn why some work and others disappoint. Additionally, dozens of prints and models were created to test hand feel, shaving interaction and to perfect a striking silhouette.

The Supply Trimmer has a variety of features and accessories. The heads are replaceable, it has an induction charging dock that brings a certain amount of zen to your shaving ritual, a fully waterproof design, and a dynamic adjustable trimmer head that can be added on.

Artist Isamu Noguchi sculpting with his chisel, working the stone with a careful eye.

Models created during the design process featured varying form-factors and facet amounts.







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Doris Design handed off the designs and assets to Supply where they took lead on bringing the product through to manufacturing.

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