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Doris Design, photographed in 2024.

Doris Design, photographed in 2024.

Since 2017, Doris Dev has been dedicated to catalyzing innovation in consumer product development. Doris has facilitated the journey from concept to market, supporting brands with product design, engineering, manufacturing & operations, infusing each product with innovation, quality and creativity. The passion for considered design & innovation  has been a driving force behind Doris Dev’s mission. Over a year and a half in the making, we are thrilled to unveil Doris Design, a new industrial design studio from Doris Dev and Guerra Office.

For the past 11 years, Joseph Guerra has forged his path as a visionary industrial designer, founding Guerra Office, Visibility, and Airsign. Having worked with industry titans such as Away, Harry's, Everlane, Sweetgreen, Allbirds, Outdoor Voices and countless others - Joseph and his team have been an authority for bespoke Industrial Design. Hundreds of designs, countless brand collaborations and multiple design awards later, Joseph Guerra will be bringing the next generation of elevated products to customers all over the world with Doris Design.

The purpose behind Doris Design is to create highly functional, beautiful and radical new products. Working with the Doris Dev Engineering teams next door and their dynamic sourcing capabilities across the globe, Doris Design is capable of maintaining an unprecedented level of control over the intent and outcome of every project. This helps founders and brands build their vision and ultimately innovate in their category.

Joseph and the team focus on creating salient ideas, finding their materials and ultimately defining the forms they can be realized in. The office draws on everyday observations, deep research and an anthropological approach as a means of product development. The ambition is to build products that live in the future, with a careful eye on the past. The studio distills ideas down to what they should be, while preserving what appeals to our human sensibilities.

Doris Design works with a diversity of clients in a variety of fields, including hardware, packaging, appliances, kitchenware, furniture, and home accessories. Above all, the office aligns with companies that share their interest in great, enduring design. They work with clients all over the world, from startups, Fortune 100 companies, and heritage brands.

113 Products

138 Brands

11 Years



Joseph Guerra

Design Partner

Tim Ronco

Program Manager

Clara Merlino

Project Manager

Samuel Thoumieux

Industrial Designer

Naman Nanda

Industrial Designer


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