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The design process for the Theraplush lotion pump involved an in-depth analysis of the brand's voice, the product category, and an in depth understanding of the market. The research highlighted a significant issue in the skincare industry: most creams come in disposable plastic containers, which often results in the premature disposal of working pumps. We concluded that to be prominently displayed on a bedside table, the pump needed to double as a decorative object, with a vintage and precious aesthetic. 

The vessel has small magnets integrated into the collar of the vessel and lid, allowing for an elegant connection to the lid without the need for threads or snaps.

The team strived for a hand-carved, irregular, sculptural look to evoke a unique and one-of-a-kind feel. The solution was found in semi-transparent plastic, which offered a glass-like appearance that catches the light beautifully. Multiple rounds of material sampling led to the perfect choice. To streamline the refill process, a bottom-loading architecture was incorporated into the design. The result is an elegant acrylic round jar, inspired by vintage pieces, with a designated area to hold rings, making it a beautiful addition to any bedside table.




3.25 x 3"






Soft Services


Designed in collaboration with the Soft Services team.

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