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Fieldhouse for Leath is informed by the archetypal pitched roof, this simple intervention provides a serene space for things to grow while keeping the light source out of your view. Often grow kits take on characteristics of a gadget or an appliance, we wanted to focus on creating an object for the home. The design intent was to address a simple way to grow microgreens aided by a sophisticated light source but maintaining home-centric viewpoint on how the Fieldhouse should look and feel.

The easy to use free bottom-watering system reduces risk of over/under hydrating soil.

While the design is friendly and approachable, there are several thoughtful considerations built into the product architecture. Watering and growing are handled through a clever tray and basin system that's intuitive. The growing process requires a germination lid, we made sure this lid had additional functionality - designing it to be a cutting board for the herbs when not being used for growing. 

Filedhouse also acts as a pleasant lightsource to have at home or in the kitchen.

The Fieldhouse provides a new, design-forward way to grow nutrient rich greens in any home. Premium materials, utilizing durable powder-coated steel and professional food grade HDPE Full spectrum LEDs, providing optimal growing conditions for your greens.


Powder coated steel & food grade HDPE


10in × 17in × 10in
25cm × 43cm × 25cm


10 lbs / 4.5 kg





Kitchen, Home
New York
11:16 PM
Hong Kong
11:16 AM
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